Why Bury Your Trampoline?

Reasons to Install an In-Ground Trampoline

With all the extra preparation needed to install an in-ground trampoline vs. above ground trampolines, it may appear at first not worth the hassle. However, when you look closer at the advantages of an in-ground trampoline, that opinion may just change.

In-ground trampolines offer families (1) increased safety, (2) a more aesthetically pleasing look, (3) easier maintenance, (4) less damages, and (5) a longer-lasting investment than their above ground counterparts. In more ways than one, they often outrank the traditional trampoline installation.

So when deciding if a trampoline in ground vs. above ground is right for you, consider the mentioned benefits to taking your family’s trampoline below ground.


Most trampoline-related injuries occur when someone falls from the trampoline at a great height. A young child may fall off the side while trying to climb on or off, while another may miscalculate their bounce and find themselves flying away from the trampoline and onto the hard ground.

In-ground trampolines greatly reduce that risk of falling or a high jump-related injury. It’s good to note, however, that individuals may still land on the hard ground surrounding an in-ground trampoline from a considerable distance. This is why many families purchase a trampoline net even for in-ground trampolines to keep falls within the perimeter of the cushioned trampoline.

Families with young children appreciate that kids can walk right off and on the in-ground trampoline. Children have more freedom to enjoy the trampoline without needing parent supervision when getting on or off.

Families should take caution of the small gap surrounding the trampoline that allows for air to circulate into the trampoline hole. That and the holes between springs are prime spots where little hands and legs could get stuck in. But with the right safety pads and proper installation, these spaces can be covered while still letting in air understand the trampoline.

Small children also can’t get underneath in-ground trampolines like they can with above-ground trampolines. They are protected from getting bounced on by aimlessly wandering under a trampoline mat in use.

Both traditional and in-ground trampolines have their dangers and safety hazards, it’s true. But less are present when you bury your trampoline in a hole rather than keep it above ground.


Another big draw to in-ground trampolines is how nicely they fit in with your landscaping. They remain, for the most part, out of sight rather than sticking up and drawing attention to themselves. If aesthetics and appearance are major factors in your decision, in-ground trampolines are the way to go. They’ll sit neatly in your yard blending into the landscape without being an eyesore.

Easier Maintenance

Burying your trampoline also makes it easier to mow your lawn and do other landscape maintenance. Simply mow grass around the perimeter of your in-ground trampoline and you’re done! No more breaking your back trying to cut down the jungle of weeds and grass below an above-ground trampoline.

In-ground trampolines themselves are also more convenient to maintain. The metal bars won’t be left to the elements which can help prevent the frame from corroding or rusting. Specific in-ground trampoline are generally made with durable steel frames that can last for years, especially when out of reach of harsh winds, rain, snow, ice, and heat.

When snow and rain do fall, moisture can seep through the trampoline to the soil underneath. In Utah yards, that soil and dirt generally absorbs moisture well. A layer of gravel can also be placed above dirt and below the trampoline as a protection against long periods with standing water that may attract pests.

Fewer Damages

What’s more is that in-ground trampolines are protected from being carried away by the wind. You may laugh, but we’ve seen too many trampolines, even ones supported by tethers to the ground, being tossed away by a huge gust of air. They may land only a few feet away, but sometimes they leave yards altogether even landing on power lines or houses.

Going back to safety, in-ground trampolines offer even more protection by being secured against blowing away while in their holes. This results in fewer damages to your property and your trampoline.

Longer Lifespan

These fewer damages also mean a longer lifespan for the trampoline itself. You’ll save money on less repairs and less trampoline replacements in the long haul with an in-ground trampoline. They are not prone to rusting and wind damage like above ground trampolines and maintain their high quality for more extended periods of time.

The Argument for an In-Ground Trampoline vs. Above-Ground Trampolines

When looking at safety, aesthetics, maintenance, property damage, and longevity, the answer seems clear for the in-ground trampoline vs. above-ground trampoline debate. In-ground trampolines offer a fantastic return on investment while offering families a safe environment for their enjoyment.

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