In-Ground Trampoline Installation

In-Ground Trampoline Installers Near Me

Install a new, in-ground trampoline with help from Trampoline Holes Utah! We offer quick installations without taking any shortcuts so that your trampoline is installed securely and will last for years to come. Call our in-ground trampoline installers today and get your free estimate!

What’s Involved in the Installation Process?

When you request a free quote, our professional installers will walk you through the entire process. They can also give you an estimated time frame for completion based on the size of your trampoline and the condition of the terrain needing to be excavated.

1. Taking Measurements

Our in-ground trampoline installers will begin by measuring out the excavation site in the desired spot you have chosen. The diameter for this site will be slightly larger than the diameter of your chosen in-ground trampoline. This way, we can ensure that the trampoline will fit once excavation is complete

2. Clearing the Land and Excavation

Once we’ve mapped out the precise measurements for the hole, digging will commence! When you work with Trampoline Holes Utah, you won’t need to worry about figuring out the hole dimensions or renting out heavy machinery by yourself. Our skilled professionals will bring all necessary equipment to dig out dirt, rocks, and whatever else is in the way of your trampoline site.

3.  Putting Together the Trampoline

We’ll also do the assembling for you! Order an in-ground trampoline from us or from somewhere else, our installers will carefully connect the pieces until your trampoline is constructed and ready to be placed. We assemble the in-ground trampoline beforehand to ensure that all the components are secure and in their proper positions.

4. Installing the Retaining Wall

For in-ground trampoline kits with a retaining wall, we’ll set up and place the metal frame with the attached retaining wall into the trampoline hole. However, Trampoline Holes Utah also installs stone block or concrete retaining walls which offer a sturdier support system than the plastic walls found in many trampoline kits. For more information on the different types of retaining walls and their purpose, please visit our Trampoline Retaining Walls page.

5. Refilling the Hole and Leveling the Ground

The exact in-ground trampoline hole depth will depend on the size of your trampoline. However, in most installations, we will put some of the original soil back in the bottom of the hole at the base of the retaining wall. At this time, we’ll also level the ground to prepare for the final placement of the trampoline. Dirt may need to be added or taken out of a certain site depending on how sloped the location is.

6. Placing the In-Ground Trampoline

Once all that is complete, we will place the assembled in-ground trampoline in the hole! Our installers will do one last check that the hole is the correct depth and diameter and that the trampoline is level before securing the trampoline in place. For a cleaner look, we’ll fill back in the dirt just around the retaining wall and outer rim of the trampoline frame. Sod can be reapplied right up to the frame as well. Trampoline vented pads may also be placed over the springs at this time to allow for airflow underneath the trampoline and a protective cover above.

How Much Does an In-Ground Trampoline Installation Cost?

Pricing for an in-ground trampoline installation will depend on several factors. For starters, larger trampolines will require larger trampoline holes and will be more expensive.

The retaining walls also greatly determine an in-ground trampoline installation cost. If you purchase a kit with plastic retaining walls, you will be able to lower the cost than if you have us install stone or concrete retaining walls.

How Long Will Installation Take?

Again, that will depend on the size of the trampoline hole and the terrain itself. Trampoline Holes Utah, though, offers our customers quicker installations, while still providing excellence in service.

For exact estimates on the time and cost required for our services, please contact our in-ground trampoline installers! They can meet with you at your home or talk over the phone to answer all your questions.

Other Questions to Ask In-Ground Trampoline Installers

What you want in an in-ground trampoline installation company

How deep will the trampoline hole need to be?

This may be one of the most frequent questions we are asked by customers. For a trampoline that is completely level with or below the ground, the depth of the trampoline hole will need to be the same as the height of the trampoline frame.

However, some people want to get more airflow underneath the trampoline for a better bounce. In this case, the trampoline can rest slightly higher than ground level with less of a hole depth. Extra safety precautions will need to be taken to avoid making this a tripping hazard.

Will you contact utility companies and city contractors?

Each Utah city has its own requirements and regulations concerning in-ground trampoline installations. While many contractors may be able to excavate the hole, they may not be familiar with such regulations.

Trampoline Holes Utah always is sure to stay on top of changes to regulations and restrictions so that we can better serve you. Our in-ground trampoline installers near you will make all necessary communication with city contractors to meet all requirements before beginning. We also contact utility companies to come mark where utility lines lie so we can avoid excavating in those areas.

What’s your policy on trampoline hole repairs?

If something should go wrong after installation, be it a weak retaining wall or unsteady trampoline, our team will come to remedy the problem as soon as possible. That being said, we strive to provide the best installations the first time around so that less repairs are needed in the long run.

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