LED Trampoline Lighting System




Our TDU in ground specific trampoline light kit is sure to keep the smiles going day and night.

This system is a plug and play kit- simply attach the light rope mounting clips to the inside retaining wall frame, and plug it in to any standard 110v outlet (either previously installed inside or close to the trampoline or on a previously installed trampoline without an outlet- connect the lights with an extension cord to the closest outdoor outlet).

The system turns on and off with a UHF remote that controls the color options and the speed of the color rotation.

  • Included: * 14’ round LED Rope light system
  • UHF remote (up to 200’ range)
  • Color changing RGBW light module
  • 110 volt connection plug
  • Water proof connection and 6’ extension Requires:
  • Power outlet mounted in the trampoline hole or close to the trampoline – or an extension cord can be used to plug the system in from outlets further away.
  • Power drill to attach rope light mount clips