In-Ground Trampoline Covers

Buy An In Ground Trampoline Cover

Trampolines are an investment worth taking care of. Getting a cover is a great way to protect your trampoline during the winter. View our trampoline cover options below and ensure that your trampoline stays in top notch shape this winter.

Why Get a Trampoline Cover?

There are many benefits to covering your in-ground trampoline to protect it from weather. Not only will a cover keep off dirt and debris, it minimizes the risk of damage being done to the mat that could be caused by sharp materials such as a snow shovel being used to remove snow from a trampoline


With a trampoline out in the open, it is also susceptible to wildlife such as birds and smaller animals with sharp teeth and paws that are passing through. A trampoline cover prevents these creatures from piercing the mat and creating small holes that are likely to get bigger overtime.


Overall, using a trampoline cover makes in-ground trampolines last longer by slowing down the weathering on the mat, pads, and springs that are exposed to sun, frost, and rain year round. With a cover, you will find yourself needing to replace parts much less often.

Winter and Summer Benefits

The elements your in-ground trampoline faces differ between summer and winter; however, a trampoline cover provides valuable protection against both. In the winter time, you will likely find yourself needing to remove snow from your trampoline. When using a shovel, there is a significant risk of catching the trampoline mat and creating an opportunity for a hole to be made. A cover adds a layer of protection that could add years to the life of your trampoline.

In the summer when the sun is out the majority of the time, it is exposing your in-ground trampoline to damaging UV rays that harm the mat and pad. A trampoline cover does wonders in combating those elements.

Have Questions?

If you have additional questions about the in-ground trampoline covers and if your trampoline could use one, do not hesitate to reach out.