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In-Ground Trampoline Covers

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Making Your In-Ground Trampoline Stay in Top Notch Shape Has Never Been Easier With Trampoline Covers

Trampoline covers make it easy to clear snow without damaging your trampoline mat and help keep your trampoline looking newer for years to come.
Many of our clients have been protecting their in-ground trampoline investments by purchasing trampoline covers and they love how simple they are to use.

Trampoline covers are made for the following sizes:

    • 14′ round trampolines
    • 10′ X 14′ rectangular trampolines
    • 10′ X 17′ rectangular trampolines

Choose your cover below to start protecting your in-ground trampoline:

Why Get a Trampoline Cover?

There are many benefits to covering your in-ground trampoline to protect it from weather. Not only will a cover keep off dirt and debris, it minimizes the risk of damage being done to the mat that could be caused by sharp materials such as a snow shovel being used to remove snow from a trampoline

With a trampoline out in the open, it is also susceptible to wildlife such as birds and smaller animals with sharp teeth and paws that are passing through. A trampoline cover prevents these creatures from piercing the mat and creating small holes that are likely to get bigger overtime.

Overall, using a trampoline cover makes in-ground trampolines last longer by slowing down the weathering on the mat, pads, and springs that are exposed to sun, frost, and rain year round. With a cover, you will find yourself needing to replace parts much less often.

Winter and Summer Benefits

The elements your in-ground trampoline faces differ between summer and winter; however, a trampoline cover provides valuable protection against both. In the winter time, you will likely find yourself needing to remove snow from your trampoline. When using a shovel, there is a significant risk of catching the trampoline mat and creating an opportunity for a hole to be made. A cover adds a layer of protection that could add years to the life of your trampoline.

In the summer when the sun is out the majority of the time, it is exposing your in-ground trampoline to damaging UV rays that harm the mat and pad. A trampoline cover does wonders in combating those elements.

Brush Broom for Clearing Snow Off Your Trampoline

When it comes to protecting your trampoline, using a large broom is much safer than a shovel. Removing the snow will make it so the springs don’t stretch. If you’re looking for a good broom that is strong enough to efficiently clear snow from your trampoline, many of our clients prefer this:

Protect Your Investment

Using a trampoline cover extends the life of your trampoline and saves you from needing to purchase replacement mats or pads soon after your install. The comparisons below show how much you can actually save with a trampoline cover. 

14′ Round Trampoline Cover


10x14′ Circular Trampoline Cover



Replacement 14′ Round Safety Pad and Jumping Mat

10x14′ Rectangular Trampoline Cover


10x14′ Rectangular Trampoline Cover



Replacement 10x14′ Rectangle Safety Pad and Jumping Mat

10x17′ Rectangle Trampoline Cover


10x17′ Rectangle Trampoline Cover

*Existing Trampoline Hole Utah customers save 10%



Replacement 10x17′ Rectangle Safety Pad and Jumping Mat

Trampoline Cover FAQs

Read some answers to frequently asked questions about in-ground trampoline during winter time.

What do you do with an in ground trampoline in the winter?

People usually start to wonder what to do with their in-ground trampoline when the first snowfall of the winter hits. Snow is a real threat to trampolines and their longevity. In the winter time, we recommend consistently removing snow from the trampolines mat as the weight of the snow can damage it. Unless you have a trampoline cover, use a broom rather than a shovel to avoid tearing the mat. A trampoline cover is a great option that offers increased protection, especially when clearing off the snow. If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow a better idea could be to remove the mat and pads all together and store them in a dry space.

Is it OK to leave a trampoline out in winter?

Trampolines can be left out in the winter and even used if they are not covered in snow. If you are planning on leaving your trampoline out during the winter, be sure to regularly remove any snow that accumulates on the jumping mat and safety pad as soon as you are able. We recommend using a trampoline cover to protect your trampoline and make the snow removal an easier process.

What's the best way to winterize a trampoline?

The best way to winterize your trampoline depends on the weather in the area you live. For regions that receive a lot of snow fall, the best way to winterize may be to disassemble the trampoline to avoid having to clear it from snow too frequently. Wrap the mat, safety pads, and net materials (if you have one) in plastic and store in a dry place. If you receive a manageable amount of snow, a trampoline cover and regular snow removal is a great option to winterizing your trampoline.

How long will a trampoline last outside?

Trampolines are quite the investment so it only makes sense to do everything possible to ensure that it lasts for years. The lifespan of a trampoline will depend largely on the brand and the care it is given. A trampoline left outside in the elements can last anywhere from three to eight years. However, with proper maintenance, trampolines can last upwards of 12 years.